About Me

I live in the worst part of Pennsylvania for trout fishing with my wife and 2 kids.  I fish for all things that swim, and some that don't.  I've only been at this for a modest 6 years, but feel confident enough to teach a few people every year.  I love fishing small remote streams, and steelhead, but the typical days of nymphing some stockies still get me excited to go toss some line.

When I'm not fishing I'm either working at MetLife as an Investment Advisor, at home with my family, or at church enjoying a good message or volunteering with the youth ministry.  My life is great, and God is good!


  1. Hey, looks like we got a lot in common! I live in the worst part of PA as well, Nashannock is the closest place. It's nice to see another fly fisher of men... By the way, I might be interested in some fly line.


  2. Ps.. is your background the cave on.honey creek?

  3. let me know about the line. I'll have reels and a few accessories in a little over a month (hopefully)

    That spot is actually at the stream in Brady's Run Park. I've caught some nice fish there including the 19" smallie I caught a few years back.

    Send me an email at risenfly@yahoo.com and maybe we can go toss some line together sometime.

  4. Hey buddy, I tryed to email you. not sure if it went through.