Thursday, June 21, 2012

CNC aluminum fly reels from Risen Fly

I've got a series of machined aluminum reels that I plan on getting in stock in the next few months.  I am however without a name for them.  So here's the deal, email me with your entry for a name for my reel and I will give away a free reel, line and backing to the winner whose name I pick!

Here's a picture of the reel.  It will have the name engraved into the reel.  (photo from my designer, I'll take better pics when I get them in stock)

Max of 3 entries per person.

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  1. METHRAGER 850XLT, obviously.

    (is it gauche to refer to your own jokes?

  2. You are the leading vote getter so far gfen. lol

    I understand your lament, but there are some good companies out there not ripping off people and putting out a good product. Would you be more interested if I put out a clicker in my line up??

    I'm actually pursuing some local machinists to make my reels state side in the next few years. That part is awesome IMO. It'll all be a progression, but I expect to just be a well rounded, non-flashy fly fishing business in 2 years; offering good service and great products at a reasonable price.

  3. As long as you're not cheeky guys, you're OK in my book. i don't have hate for importers like some.

    well, up until you charge $800 for a reel but it comes in fun pastel colours. then its full on hate. :)

  4. ps: i whole heartedly encourage naming of reel METHRAGER 850XLT. please understand that capital letters and 850XLT are part of the name.

  5. Seriously, crickets? In the interest of not being completely unhelpful, run with your inspiration. Its your first product, I'm not blind to the impact of the importer name you're using, clearly its the Genesis.

    Run with it..or, y'know, METHRAGER 850XLT.

    BTW, consider throwing your lot in with the outdoor blahger network people and poasting on their forum with this. They all love to favourite each other, so a little contest'll be an instant generator of people flowing through, and will probably end up going into some sort of re-blarged orgy of reblagging, so you'll end up with free publicity and some more ideas.

    Although, even though I know you liked Genesis, its gonna be METHRAGER 850XLT.

  6. The clicker was more of a joke for you. I plan to have this reel, a larger game reel (5/7, 7/9, 9/10, possibly a 10/12) and thinking of doing a small brookie reel (1/2, 2/3, 3/4) for my reels. Rods won't be till next year.

    Thanks for the help on the bloggersphere.

  7. You don't think that Genesis is a little clIche'? maybe GENOCIDE would be better. it's like inspiring people to murder as many fish as possible with this reel.

    I agree with you Gary. Ryan, run with what you like. Andy Ramish calls his reel company in Bellefonte "Tight Lines" reels and while I can't stand the "Tight Lines" cliche' anymore, he likes it so fuck it, run with it. I think and should call his reel company "Ramish Reels" because I think the name has a ring to it and it inspires the thought of a tough mountain ram hauling fish out of the water with reckless abandon.

    okay, back to your reel.

    I would call it the HERON because lord knows they seem to be the only ones catching fish in this state anymore. there you go, my 2 cents!

  8. I think the name is important... as long as you spell it right.

    (my turn for gauche gfen)

  9. I say name it "Indeed" the explanation is in my email

  10. You could name each model after an album in Genesis' discography. Spinoff lines can be after Peter Gabriel and Mike and the Mechanics!

  11. I'll put a max of 3 entries per person into this give away.

  12. Spinnerfall like your blog name?

  13. Impressive work!

  14. How many different reels are you planning? I know you mentioned on WVAngler that you wanted to incorporate the Word of God into your business. Maybe name the reel after a bible verse related to fishing?

    As far as a name I like that goes along these lines, how about "Ezekiel 47" in reverence to Ezekiel 47:9, "Swarms of living creatures will live wherever the river flows. There will be large numbers of fish, because this water flows there..."

    Good luck with your venture!

    DrewFlu33 on WVAngler

  15. Genesis would be a good one if you are looking for a scripture reference. Everything starts with Genesis. If this is your first reel then everything will come after the Genesis reel.

  16. I'm going to announce the winner of the contest on the 15th of August. Decided to put an order in for the reels a bit sooner. Everyone who put an entry into the contest will get a special offer on my equipment once I get some more inventory in.

  17. Chromonomid Fly Reels...cross between chrome and chironomid. ?Even though they're machined aluminum, they look chrome in the photo.

    Kent Garvin

  18. From this post up, anyone who made a suggestion will receive an additional 10% off of my already discounted products. That's a total of 50% off! This offer will last until 12/31/2012.